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  • Commercial


Propane Northwest provides reliable commercial services to local companies in Oregon and Washington. Commercial uses for Propane can include heating, cooking, and even fuel for heavy equipment. Propane Northwest is proud to be a local company that cares for local business.


  • Industrial


Propane cylinders are commonly seen on forklifts and alongside buildings and warehouses in storage racks for use on lift trucks and propane floor buffers. These propane cylinders are either exchanged in a bottle swap program or filled from a bulk propane delivery truck. A scale is not required to fill these types of propane cylinders which is why a bulk delivery truck can deliver into these cylinders at the consumer site.


  • Agricultural


Over half of all farms in the United States use propane. Consumption of propane by farms has increased substantially over the past 15 years due to its cost effectiveness, portability and environmental friendliness. The agriculture industry is now the third largest retail propane market in the U.S., consuming more than 1.5 billion gallons per year.

Propane’s cost-efficiency and reliability helps farmers keep productivity high and operating cost down and Propane Northwest helps to supply our local area farmers with the propane they need!


Agricultural uses of propane include; Crop Drying to prevent deterioration of perishable crops and allow for ease of transportation, heating of farmhouses and outbuildings including heating of water heaters, livestock protection as well as crop protection, and powering of farming equipment.

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