Temporary Heating

Your Trusted Provider For Temporary Heating

Propane Northwest’s staff of highly qualified propane professionals is available to help with technical calculations for tank, line, and regulator sizing. We will tailor a temp heat package to meet each of your desires from tank sizes, delivery schedules and even billing options.

Propane Northwest not only offers temporary heating for you, our builders, we can also offer your client with permanent propane home heating solutions after construction is completed. This is why Propane Northwest is the Trusted Name in Propane of the Pacific Northwest.

A Tank That Can Hold It’s Own

Propane tanks operate far better in colder environments than alternative fuel options such as butane.

This means when your business needs the heat, it’s accessible at the touch of a button, snow or shine.

Propane Northwest’s Advantage

While other providers advertise competitive prices over service, we place an emphasis on security. When you become a customer, our customer-focused programs will ensure that your business not only runs smoothly, but has protections in place in the event that it needs them.


Take comfort knowing that when your tank is running low, another delivery is on the way.


If you suspect a propane leak, we have a team of emergency technicians at the ready.


Enjoy instant fuel to your heaters at the touch of a button by installing a propane tank on site.