Why Are You Paying So Much for Propane?

Best Value for Oregon and Washington Propane


You’re paying too much because you’re buying from the wrong supplier! We want you to know that you have a better option.


The following are a few reasons you should call to have your tank switched out & start enjoying better prices and great service with Propane Northwest.


  • The lowest priced propane available
  • Exceptional service
  • Free tank change out
  • 24-hour service
  • Friendly, customer oriented personnel
  • New tanks and equipment


Most propane customers assume they are paying the “going rate” and that all propane suppliers charge the same or similar rates.


Fortunately for you, this is not true. Most customers are paying substantially more when they could be paying less with Propane Northwest.


Our pricing is by far the best you’ll find.


Call now to find out how much you can save with Propane Northwest.

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Just answer a few simple questions, and an expert will contact you asap!


Canby Oregon:
Phone: 503-678-4305
Fax: 503-678-4306
Kingston Washington:
Phone: 360-881-0404
Fax: 360-340-9045
Tacoma Washington:
Phone: 253-875-3000
Fax: 253-875-3025
Email: info@propanenorthwest.com